Microsoft's April 2017 Office 365 Updates: What You Need to Know

Posted by Jill Hannemann on April 1, 2017

March releases to Office 365 brought many exciting enhancements across the board.  Jim Naroski begins the April 2017 video on Office 365 Updates sharing how to know if you are a part of the first release cadence for the updates.  First knowing if your subscription is for Home, Personal, Business or Enterprise is the baseline.  Then from that point, you can either signup to become an Office Insider or learn if you are in the Current Channel for your tenant.  You can check the links in the transcript to learn more about being in the first release cadence. 

Visio Online - On March 1st, Microsoft released the online version of Visio. This is an exciting addition for the Office Online suite and simply proves the power of the cloud that much more.

Profile Experience - On March 10th Microsoft extended the profile card experience to enhance what information is tied to a user profile card.  Now when you click on a user within Office 365, you can see additional attributes and information, such as related files to that person, further linking people, data, and process within Office 365.  What we're starting to see is a truly out of the box way to contextualize users with the work they do and their network within a shared eco-system.

Yammer Integration - On March 2nd, Microsoft announced the integration of Groups in Yammer with Office 365 Groups.  This is a long time coming and an expectation many had for the life and use of Yammer within Office 365.  Previously, a group in Yammer was a separate entity from an Office 365 Group.  Now, when you create a new group in Yammer you have the option of also creating and tying it to an Office 365 Group, allowing the Yammer group to now have an associated SharePoint document library, site, One Note notebook, and Planner.  This integration will certainly help with use cases surrounding when to use Yammer vs. SharePoint vs. an Office 365 Group.  While there are still caveats on this integration, it's a great step forward to improving the user story behind each of these communication workloads.

Service Health Dashboard - On March 1st, the Service Health Dashboard became available to all customers.  This dashboard is an Administration resource providing greater level of insights to Admins on issues and advisories that may be occurring in the tenant. 

Check out the links in the transcript for this month's updates.  There is a lot more information to know and understand before moving forward with any of these updates.  However, I am very excited for the Yammer integration news and look forward to the interconnectivity in workloads.

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As always, these features continue to be more icing added to an already complex cake. You may not need to take advantage of all of them in your planning, but it's helpful to know what is available as you continue your planning and IT modernization efforts. For more information on how to take advantage of Microsoft's April Updates and new features, contact Portal Solutions today. Click here to contact us, or give us a call at (240) 406-9960.

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