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Your Spreadsheet Just Got a Whole Lot Smarter & Better Looking

Excel spreadsheets are great for keeping track of key metrics like company financials, sales pipeline, or lead conversions. You can easily set up, format, manipulate the data and maybe create a nice graph or chart. But keeping the data fresh and up-to-date is a real challenge. Not to mention having to send out a bunch of spreadsheets just to communicate your findings to the team.

Microsoft Power BI can help you tackle these challenges by turning disparate databases, files, and web services into stunning visual reports.

At Portal Solutions, our team of Power BI consultants can help turn clusters of data into visual masterpieces. We can help you gain real insights into your business, anytime, anywhere with Power BI.

Keep reading to learn more about Power BI, what it is, how it can help your business, and how our team of Power BI experts can help you reveal the insights you need to make smarter decisions.

Introduction to Power BI’s Data Solutions

Microsoft Power BI is a suite of cloud-based business analytics tools that gives you a 360-degree view of your most important data. It delivers pre-built data connectors that integrate with Excel as well as visualization and communication tools.

In one click you can go from an ordinary spreadsheet to a dashboard with insightful visuals and data-rich reports. And since Power BI is available as a cloud service, you can access your dashboards via Office 365 (or any cloud) or your computer, iPhone, iPad or Android device or any web browser.

Power BI has the ability to bring in data from most major data sources, including Google Analytics, Salesforce, Sharepoint, MailChimp, Quickbooks, Facebook and much more. This powerful business intelligence tool helps you join all your disparate data into one, central location.

With it’s drag-and-drop interface, Power BI makes it easy for anyone to become a data analytics expert. Users at every level are able to visualize data and gather the insights they need to make smarter business decisions.

Our Power BI consultants are giving you the opportunity to see Power BI in action. Click here to see how you can get a free visualization of your data.

Realize the Benefits of Power BI

Start with What You are Using Now:

Don’t abandon your spreadsheets, just make them smarter. Reduce time to adoption by leveraging your existing Excel solutions.


Connect to Keep Data Fresh:

Easily connect and constantly update data sources inside and outside your organization. No more waiting until the end of the month to find out there is an issue.

Drill Down to Get Real Insights:

Easily create dashboards and data visualizations and click through to access more granular data – quickly get to the root cause of issues and uncover opportunities.  


Get Fast Answers just by Typing:

Type a question and get an answer - like Search should be: “This year sales for new store?”

Access Your Data Wherever You Are: 

True native Windows desktop, mobile iOS and Android apps that deliver interactive visualizations, alerts, real-time annotation with email and messaging integration.


Stay Informed as Things Change:

Get user-defined alerts delivered to multiple devices. Set your own parameters and thresholds for alerts, right from your mobile device. 

Portal Solutions' Power BI Consultant Services

As a Microsoft Partner, Portal Solutions delivers powerful solutions that help shape, model, and transform your data. Since 2002, our consultants have been bringing sophisticated data analytics capabilities to firms of every size.

Our Power BI experts are now part of the exclusive Power BI Red Carpet Program. They’ve demonstrated the strong leadership, industry expertise, and proven success it takes to be a trusted Microsoft Power BI partner.

As a select member, we are able to accelerate the development of our solutions and services. Our consultants have the expertise it takes to produce powerful dashboards and reports with Power BI.

Our Power BI Process

  • Planning & designing dashboards: All the behind the scenes work to launch Power BI can be daunting. Our consultants cut through the business and architecture challenges and design a dashboard that reflects your needs and goals.
  • Develop a visually stunning, data-driven dashboard: We’ll quickly crystallize our ideas and create a dynamic, easy-to-adopt dashboard. As a result, you’ll be able to glean valuable insights about your business and make smarter decisions.
  • Providing continuous support and training: Sometimes things go wrong. But through regular post-implementation checkpoints and training sessions, we’ll make sure you are fully experiencing the features Power BI has to offer.

Our Power BI Experts Can Help...

  • Organizations with multiple disparate data systems: Tired of compiling data from SharePoint, Google Analytics, Salesforce, Facebook, and more? Power BI can help you join all that data together in one manageable, insightful dashboard.
  • Organizations seeking to empower business users with advanced analytics: With it’s drag-and-drop capabilities and user-friendly interface, Power BI gives users at every level the power to visualize data. Everyone can get the data they need to uncover previously hidden trends with advanced analytics.
  • Organizations that need to better leverage their data: Whether you produce small sets or immense volumes of data, Power BI is an inexpensive way to get high-end data analytics for all users. Our Power BI experts have worked with global pharmaceutical companies, law firms, non-profits, technology companies, associations, and more.

Let Our Experts Help You With A Free Power BI Report

Reading about visualized data isn’t nearly as insightful as seeing it in action. That’s why our Power BI consultants are giving you the chance to see if for yourself. Connect with one of our data scientists to see how you can utilize Power BI to visualize your data. Just click here to get your free Power BI custom dashboard and personalized consultation.

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